Why Hello Spoon

Our Mission

We're on a mission to radically change the way children learn to eat.

Introducing children to a variety of wholesome, flavorful foods early on encourages a lifetime of healthy, adventurous eating. ​We’re here to help parents balance ​a​ fast-paced life ​with time to enjoy slow food​​; to help kids get a wide range of nutrients using simple ingredients; and to help families achieve big goals with small bites.


Our Promise To You

We Care About Our Customers, Big and Small
Our goal is to give children the best food and give parents the best experience. If you or your little one aren’t satisfied, let us know and we’ll make it right.

We Only Use Ingredients We’re Proud Of
Your kids are full of surprises—their food shouldn’t be. We make our food with exclusively organic ingredients, using local and sustainable options whenever we can. We’re completely transparent about what’s in our food and how it was made, so if an ingredient or practice doesn’t make us want to brag about it, it doesn’t go in our food.

We Hate Waste
We don’t want to waste what’s important, whether it’s natural resources or your time. From our compostable and reusable packaging to home delivery to the best ingredients, we stand for smart, sustainable choices through and through.



What People Are Saying

"Hello Spoon has been a lifesaver! I spend less time cooking and more time playing with my children. Even more important, my children have been introduced to new and varied flavors. Thanks to Hello Spoon, they are open to eating anything and everything."
- Kara C.
"Hello Spoon has been integral in my daughter's early stages of eating. As a working mom, it is very difficult to find time to prepare homemade baby food, not to mention that I feel like I lack the creativity and culinary expertise necessary to create delicious, fresh meals with complex flavors and fresh ingredients. Hello Spoon does this! I love that I have introduced my daughter to healthy, yummy, fresh foods that will now shape her eating habits in the future as she grows into toddlerhood and beyond. Thank you, Hello Spoon!"
-Chenin K.
I'm really happy that he [my son] is getting a variety of global cuisines as well as vegetables; incorporating veggies that he'll actually eat has been the trickiest part of feeding a toddler."
-Ranjani S.