Our Food

We Start With The Best—And Keep It Fresh
We use exclusively organic, sustainable ingredients and choose local sources whenever possible. For animal proteins, we only use grass-fed beef and organic free-range chicken raised without antibiotics or hormones.

It’s all part of our philosophy behind fresh food: it tastes great, retains its nutrients and builds a lifetime of good eating.

Kids Approve 
Raw kale may be all the rage these days but try telling that to a hungry 2-year-old. We design our recipes to be nutrient-dense and delicious, then rigorously test them on the most discerning palates.


Food That Grows With Your Child
For babies brand new to solids, we offer simple purees to help acquaint them with the experience of eating. 

Spruced up and chunky purees add herbs, spices and new textures as the next step in expanding your child’s palate.

Kids' meals and snacks incorporate and build upon these familiar flavor profiles, simplifying the transition to a wide range of finger foods.


We take great care to build both variety and continuity into our menus. That way, children can go boldly into the world of food with the confidence that it'll always be delicious.