Little Scoops #1: the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Hello Spoon

Little Scoops is our space to talk about everything that matters to us and field questions and comments about everything that matters to our clients. Let’s start with an introduction to Hello Spoon.


Annie Graves, the founder of Hello Spoon, and her husband Kwesi welcomed their daughter Delilah in early 2014. Although Kwesi had always been the couple’s home chef, Annie took on the task of making Lilah’s food. Through her baby’s eyes and brand new palate, she fell in love with exploring new tastes, textures, and creating new recipes.  She founded Hello Spoon in 2015.

Catherine Wargo Roberts manages communications. She lives in Twin Peaks with her husband Karsten, her toddler daughter Porter, and her neurotic dog Polliwog. Catherine had a similar experience to Annie -- when starting Porter on solids, it was suddenly so fun to think about what to feed her: avocado? sweet potato? banana? Catherine would frequently find herself with a freezer full of homemade baby food and nothing in the house for her and Karsten to eat.

Catherine and Annie met when their daughters were both just a few weeks old in the new moms group at Natural Resources. Everyone in this foursome was exhausted and emotional at that juncture. Now they get more sleep and have the brain space to come up with ideas like a baby food delivery company. Annie and Catherine frequently have business meetings at playgrounds around the city while Porter and Lilah eat sand in the sandbox.


We believe in exposing children to a variety of wholesome, flavorful food early on in their lives, and you’ll see that reflected throughout our menu. Our offerings start with pure, organic, single ingredient purees for babies brand new to solids. The next step is the spruced-up and chunky purees, which add herbs, spices and new textures. The toddler meals, like pesto pasta primavera, and snacks, like mini raspberry millet muffins, are so good that we eat them ourselves sometimes. Okay, often.


We are currently in beta with our first San Francisco families, but please be sure to send an email to to join our January 2016 waitlist!


We’ll be making this nourishing food in our commercial kitchen in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. For now, we’ll be delivering only to San Francisco, but please stay tuned for additional delivery options.


Because being a parent is equally rewarding and challenging.  Every stage your child goes through feels like the biggest decision of your life: home birth or hospital? Bottle or breast? Co sleep or crib? Pacifier or swaddle? And then there’s starting solids. Do you start at four months or wait until six months? What about Baby Led Weaning? Why are there so many books and classes on how to start your kid on solid food? It can feel maddening, confusing, and fraught with anxiety -- not to mention time-consuming. Helping parents with this one challenge: introducing their children to fresh, delicious, wholesome food, and continuing to feed them that way, is how we at Hello Spoon want to help make parents’ lives easier.

Thank you for joining us on our journey -- we look forward to helping you feed your family.

Happy nourishing,

The Team at hello, spoon!

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